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Recently, I have been setting clearer goals to try and accelerate my course towards the dream finish line. If you read my blog regularly, or as regularly as I post which is not much recently, you know that playing poker professionally is part of that dream. Goal setting is always a key component of successfully realizing your end game.

Some of the goals I have set myself include making sure I track all poker cash sessions, playing on a more regular schedule, and ensuring I have enough hours of play to validate potential future success. Right now, I am playing poker twice a week and have a very good hourly rate. I have set for myself a bankroll goal which I plan to have going into the World Series of Poker in June. And finally,I have been regularly studying various poker resources to improve my game. If you have a dream, you have to work hard to get there. I am taking a better and more efficient path by being more diligent about my work ethic.

This renewed commitment has allowed me to plug a few key leaks in my game and has accelerated my results from pace car to speed racer. At times my play has been spectacular to the point of not recognizing the poker player I have become. I am still getting comfortable with my new poker skin but it is sure starting to feel more comfy. That comfort demonstrates that I am that much closer smiling big and dreaming bigger.