I am less than one month in to my journey of living out my dream. It’s great to think about how I am in complete control of what I do everyday including my schedule of when to can play poker and when to take a day off. But when it comes to playing poker, variance can flip your world upside down like a roller coaster. Variance in poker is the concept in which over a short period of time, the luck factor can lead to losses even if you are a long term winning player. This can scramble even the best player’s psyche like eggs in the morning. I knew that there would be downswings, I just didn’t plan on them right off the bat during my first month of self employment.

The key to overcoming this early barrier is to stay positive, keep working on my game off the felt, and to take care of myself outside of the my strange but fascinating office that is the my local casino. I have been meditating, absorbing a large amount of poker content, and listening to motivational videos. The one thing I need to work on is developing a gym schedule. Keeping the body healthy enhances the mind and in turn easing the hardship that congruent with difficult challenges.

I am looking forward to the end of April so I can start fresh in May. What does a new month have to do with anything? Well variance is something over the long run that can be overcome. Losing months do happen but a skilled player should have very few. I am looking forward to a winning month next month. Success is something I know is coming as I smile big and dream bigger.